[fpc-pascal]FindFirst/FindNext question

Inpromptu inpromptu at operamail.com
Thu Sep 19 21:01:22 CEST 2002


   When I look for directories using FindFirst(mypath,Directory,mySearchRec) from the dos unit, I can't see a difference between a real Directory and a link (on liunux systems). How can I do that? 
   I'm using dos unit because I have to keep my source code TP6.0 compatible, but if i don't have other choice, i would avoid all Borland compatibility... I prefer FreePascal...
   Thanks, and excuse my english...

ps:Do not use acronyms like IMO, OTOH, or such, because i don't understand WTF stand for... ;). I think this acronyms are a problem for all non-english readers.

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