[fpc-pascal]Sablopas and FPC

cespern at free.fr cespern at free.fr
Thu Sep 19 16:27:28 CEST 2002

En réponse à Fernando Lozano <fsl at centroin.com.br>:

> Pelase see my previous post. -Sd got the same errors. :-(

Oops ! I'm not at home now but I'm gonna check this when back. I'm also going 
to add the necessary switches in order to compile Sablopas without passing 
params to the compiler. I will post a mail here when done. 
> Mayne you'd be kind enough to provide a binary release ready to run on
> FPC, including all DLLs.

I'm thinking of it. But I must before write a simple make file to get a more 
efficient source install. I have never done that. If someone is interested in. 
I'm also searching for someone to test under Windows and Free Bsd on new 
release. Feel free to contact.

>  maybe the FPC team should think about to include Sablopas on the FPC 

If the FPC developpers want to include Sablopas in the standard distribution I 
would be happy. They can take the whole or only the units wrapping the H files. 
I can change the licence if need. It is not a problem, I like the modified LGPL 
used by FPC.



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