[fpc-pascal]POpen problem

Michael Kochiashvili kochini at iberiapac.ge
Mon Sep 16 10:31:46 CEST 2002


trying run this code on FreeBSD

program sendm;
uses linux;
  F : text;
  i : longint;
  POpen( F, '/usr/sbin/sendmail -t', 'W');
  writeln( linuxerror);
  writeln( F);
  writeln( F, 'To: kochini at iberiapac.ge');
  writeln( F, 'From: falcon at iberiapac.ge');
  writeln( F, 'Subject: nothing');
  writeln( F);
  writeln( F, 'test');
  writeln( F);
  flush( F);

  i := PClose( F);
  writeln( i);

with this line
  POpen( F, '/usr/sbin/sendmail kochini at iberiapac.ge', 'W');
and without
  writeln( F, 'To: kochini at iberiapac.ge');

In both cases this program launches sendmail and waits for keyboard input ( as you launch
it from command line). Return codes after POpen and PClose = 0.
When I enter "." and <Enter>:
in first case - sendmail exits with message "No receipient addresses found in header"
in second case - it sends mail to receipient with blank body, "From" and "Subject" lines

Seems that pipe don't receives input from "Writeln( F, 'any string')"

Please, any suggestions

Thank you

Michael Kochiashvili

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