[fpc-pascal]Editor under Linux (not using XWindows)

Arne Hanssen nite at c2i.net
Sun Sep 15 11:19:45 CEST 2002

On Sat, 14 Sep 2002 01:40:28 -0400, jordi wrote:
>  Jilani Khaldi wrote:
> >what editor do you use to write FPC code under Linux?
> >
>  I use vi, which has syntax highlighting for pascal. I think is
>  very good.

You mean vim?  ;-)
I think you must edit /usr/share/vim/vim56/syntax/pascal.vim:

syn keyword pascalStatement   program unit uses begin end
syn region pascalComment      start="//"  end="$" contains=pascalTodo

to make vim recognize 'unit' and 'uses' and single line comments (//).

But can anyone tell me how I can call FPC (ppc386 or my own shellscript)
from within vim?  I haven't figured out yet...

I've been using FTE which has pascal syntax higlighting and can be made
to call the compiler by hitting <F9>, but its character set (font) is
very tiny on my gnome terminal, so I've started looking at vim.

The FTE editor can be found at sourceforge.net I believe.  (I you want
my config.files, look at http://www.tuxic.net/arne/ - download area.)

Vennlig hilsen / Best regards
Arne Hanssen

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