[fpc-pascal]How to unsubscribe from this mailing list?

Jonas Maebe jonas at zeus.rug.ac.be
Fri Sep 13 14:24:35 CEST 2002

On vrijdag, september 13, 2002, at 01:51 , Yaroslav Yanovsky wrote:

> Actually I check my mail not very often, so I usually hav over 100 
> messages in my box. is there any way to recieve messages grouped weekly?
> if not how can I unsubscribe from this mailing  list

You can set your mailing list options (by going to the web page linked 
at the bottom of every mail sent to the list) so that you get the 
messages in "digest" format. I think you then get one mail per day 
(unless very much messages are sent on one day, then you may get more).

You can also unsubscribe from that page.


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