[fpc-pascal]How to write GUI programs?

Stefan Ziegenbalg stefan.ziegenbalg at mailbox.tu-dresden.de
Thu Sep 12 11:32:16 CEST 2002

Christophe wrote:
> I'm planning to write a XML programmer editor using GTK and Sablopas, my
> wrapper for Sablotron.  I currently use the shedit component but I'm
> thinking of creating a source code editor widget. I took a look to the new
> GTK text widget and it seems great. In the Glib2, there are also some
> functions to scan token which may help for syntax highlighting.
> I send some new widgets encapsulation (text, tree, paned, notebook) to the
> maintainer of GTKPas and he will add them soon. But as I just startes I'm
> thinking of using directly GTK2. On the other hand, I can enhance the SHEdit
> component to add missing features. What do you think is the best ?

If you like cooledit/mcedit behavior:

I'm porting mcedit, which was ported from cooledit, to GTK2. I do that 
in C because a lot of the old code can be reused, and I don't want to 
rewrite it all. Of course a Pascal bindings will exist.

The most critical things are done: removing/replacing depencies from 
gnome and mc, porting from gtk to gtk2, pango rendering nearly finished, 
  started porting cooledit commands to signals (that allows to configure 
the keybindings with rc files), ... A lot of boring writing work has to 
be done.

The editor will support unicode and can do everything that mcedit/ 
cooledit can (inclusive proportional font support).

If someone has special whishes: please contact me. So I can consider 
them in an early stage.

Regards Stefan

mailto:stefan.ziegenbalg at mailbox.tu-dresden.de

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