[fpc-pascal]How to write GUI programs?

Christophe Espern cespern at free.fr
Wed Sep 11 16:33:55 CEST 2002

Le mer 11/09/2002 à 15:36, Michael Van Canneyt a écrit :
> I will forward your mail to the person who writes it.

> Actually, the documentation editor I'm making with the toolkit,
> must edit XML files with some xhtml in it. So cooperation may be
> very fruitful =-)

Maybe you can take a look to Sablopas it may be helpful for your
documentation tasks. You can transfom XML files in RTF, advanced XHTML
or even PDF via XSL-FO. I already used it to create Pascal files from
XML :-) It is now quite complete and stable and I use it in production
apps. It can be used with Iconv and SpiderMonkey, a javascript engine.


howto : http://www.tekool.com/sablopas/howto.htm

> I think it it better to enhance the shedit component. it's made by
> Sebastian Guenther. (sebastian.guenther at freepascal.org)

I will contact him.


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