[fpc-pascal]How to write GUI programs?

Christophe cespern at free.fr
Wed Sep 11 13:47:29 CEST 2002


>Yes. I'm cooperating with someone on this already;
>The intention is to put this in the standard packages of FPC, as 'fpgtk'

Yeah ! It sounds great. Is it availaible for download ? Do you need some
help ?

I'm planning to write a XML programmer editor using GTK and Sablopas, my
wrapper for Sablotron.  I currently use the shedit component but I'm
thinking of creating a source code editor widget. I took a look to the new
GTK text widget and it seems great. In the Glib2, there are also some
functions to scan token which may help for syntax highlighting.

I send some new widgets encapsulation (text, tree, paned, notebook) to the
maintainer of GTKPas and he will add them soon. But as I just startes I'm
thinking of using directly GTK2. On the other hand, I can enhance the SHEdit
component to add missing features. What do you think is the best ?



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