[fpc-pascal]autodoc generation

Sebastian G√ľnther sguenther at gmx.de
Mon Sep 9 19:16:45 CEST 2002

Michael A. Hess schrieb:
> Since it wasn't released that is why I wasn't working with it. I wasn't 
> even sure that it was still being worked on.

it is...

> Because of the way I have setup the MySQL database to hold the 
> documentation it doesn't really make a difference what engine is used to 
> pull the content. It will be just as easy to tweek fpDoc to pull from 
> MySQL as from the current XML. It could even dump to the XML file first 
> and process it that way.

as a quick hack, you could modify TDocNode (unit 'dglobals') to load its 
data from a database table instead of XML files. In the long term, we 
should try to make such base classes more abstract, so that we can 
officially support several documentation data backends.

- Sebastian

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