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 Sorry about the delay in answering, I had some trouble with my mailserver. 
As far as daemonizing is concerned I reccomend checking the examples/demos  
folder of the FPC documentation, there is a fully working example of a 
I would also recommend you do not use many small programs, it is hell to 
and worse to maintain. Rather I have found (and I have written severall 
web apps in FPC) that the best approach is something like this. 
procedure page1; 
procedure page2; 
Begin {Main} 
--insert standard CGI headers here, as well as common html headers for all 
--pages - that way you can change the look and feel without modifying 
If paramcount=0 then 
---The main (first) page of your app goes here------- 
If paramstr(1) = 'page1' then page1; 
if paramstr(1) = 'page2' then page2; 
Now to get to page2 for example your link (or form action) would be 
A.J. Venter 
On Saturday 07 September 2002 13:55, Jilani Khaldi wrote: 
> Hi All, 
> I have prototyped a large web application using Ruby and InterBase but 
> performance seems to be not good enough to code it in Ruby or any other 
> scripting language. Seen I am an old Pascal fan and I after have tried 
> programmed in many other languages I still consider Pascal the only true 
> high level general purpose language. Now I wonder if I can use it even 
> a large web application seen the problem of performance will surely go 
> FPC. 
> My application would contain a main application running in memory and 
> permanently connected to InterBase with many little others applications 
> running as CGI who access to the main one in momery. So, could somebody 
> point me how to write daemon applications in FPC? Or just how to 
> with a FP running application? 
> Every hint is welcome :-) 
> jilani 
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