[fpc-pascal]How to write GUI programs?

Johann Glaser Johann.Glaser at gmx.at
Wed Sep 4 18:07:46 CEST 2002

Hi Rainer!

> > o Writing FPC programs, primarily for LINUX.
> > o I prefer SIMPLE solutions and no "super-duper" things which cause a lot 
> >   of problems
> > o Basically I am lookung for some kind of a "graphical ncurses" or something 
> >   on this level.
> > o I do not want changes to my normal SuSE Linux. It should be possible to
> >   use standard libraries which are shipped with SuSE Linux 7.x/8.0.
> > o If I can see some code for a simple "Hello World" in GUI, it will be a
> >   good start.
> Use the gtk unit which is standard on FPC, and see the examples provided.
> You also get the advantage that GTK+ apps can be compiled using FPC for Windows.
> Ive send some samples of my own attached. Written por Brazillian people, so
> the messages are in portuguese. :-)

When GTK is said, I've to advertise GTKpas

It is an object oriented wrapper around GTK. This beautifies programming
a lot. The disadvantage is a little speed decrease and that GTKpas is
not really ready. But I've written a program to display 3D
electromagnetic waves with it, so, it is usefull enough. 


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