[fpc-pascal]FPC And NetBSD?!

Marco van de Voort marcov at stack.nl
Tue Oct 15 13:03:53 CEST 2002

> > to hardware trouble.
> > 
> > http://www.stack.nl/~marcov/netbsd/fpc-1.0.6-pre-src.tbz
> > http://www.stack.nl/~marcov/netbsd/fpc-1.0.6-pre.tbz
> > http://www.stack.nl/~marcov/netbsd/info.txt
> > 
> I tested the binaries and they seem to work. The only thing I did was to
> compile some small programs.

It compiles itself and the IDE, which are rather large programs.  (think 2 *
>100000), so that is pretty largish.

Maybe even debugging with GDB 5.x works, Lazarus (and with that several X
bindings) also work.

> Why not add the links on freepascal.org so it's possible to download
> the test versions?

Because my own NetBSD machine is down, and I didn't test them myself yet,
and because I considered the current version to be a dead end. (due to the
new RTL)

But there is no particular reason why I wouldn't want them on the site, and
there seems to be some interest now.

I'll see what I can do, maybe I can also fix OpenBSD before 1.0.8

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