[fpc-pascal]Socket problems

James Mills prologic at useoz.com
Fri Oct 11 06:58:05 CEST 2002

I've been writing a socket application, problem is sometimes when the
app connects to the server it will freeze for a while as if waiting for

But the data that it should have received, the server has already sent.

This is what the program does...

USER myBot "" "" :myBot
NICK myBot
:daisy.ods.org NOTICE AUTH :*** Looking up your hostname...
:daisy.ods.org NOTICE AUTH :*** Found your hostname (cached)
:daisy.ods.org NOTICE AUTH :*** Checking ident...
:daisy.ods.org NOTICE AUTH :*** Checking for open socks server...
:daisy.ods.org NOTICE AUTH :*** No socks server found (good!)...
:daisy.ods.org NOTICE AUTH :*** Received identd response
:daisy.ods.org NOTICE PSB :*** If you are having problems connecting due
to ping timeouts, please type /quote pong 415950 or /ra
w pong 415950 now.
PING :415950
PONG :415950
JOIN #daisy

It will freeze for a while just before the server sends the 'PING
:415950'. It's as if the data is in the socket but hasn't been read, but
I've checked my socket classes, they should (should) read each incoming
line from the socket connection...

can anyone comment/help please?


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