[fpc-pascal]method pointers, design patterns, OP idioms etc.

Marco van de Voort marcov at stack.nl
Wed Nov 27 17:52:25 CET 2002

> > C without this information then you probably don't need it. Otherwise, you
> > could try writing a small routine to return the correct information to
> > Pascal and add it to the library.
> >
> I've attached the code for the unit and a small test program. The unit works 
> on Win32 with the gc compiled as a DLL. However it does'nt work when used 
> with the libgc.so shared library on linux. Is this a FPC-shared lib issue ?

Probably not.
> Does FPC generate proper PIC code ?

No, but it should matter for something like this.

It only matters in cases where you compiler/create your FPC program, and then
start messing with libgc.so. (e.g. upgrade it, move the binary to a different
distribution etc)

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