[fpc-pascal]Debugging in IDE works on WinXP !!!! (Was: Problem with FPC IDE in Windows 2000)

Olle Raab automagi at algonet.se
Mon Nov 25 20:50:43 CET 2002

>>> I'm new to FPC, I've just installed version 1.0.6 in a Win 2K Pro
>>> environment.
>>> I've written a small "Hello World" program as a test.  It compiles with no
>>> errors.  When I run it from the IDE, I get a shell window with a loop of
>>> the following:
>>> Exception_Continue_Execution set
>>> CallSignal called.
>>> When I close the window, the IDE also closes.
>>> When I use "Trace Into" I get the following:
>>> Program generated a RTE 204 at address $00556872.
>>> Save your sources and restart the IDE.
>>> Can anyone help?
>> Did you install a service pack on win 2000? My experience is that
>> the installation of service pack >=2 helps. If you don't like
>> the EULA of these service packs, use Linux :)
> I have the same problem with Win XP. It's the same wether in debug mode or
> not.
> I have to run the program outside of the IDE.
> Olle Raab

Now I can run and debug programs in the IDE (1.0.6) on Win XP !!!!

Though I did not do anything special to get it work, the only things I can
recall is:

I did use the commandline debugger (GDBPASW) for the first time immediatelly
before it started to work, perhaps it initializes something ??

Or perhaps it is because I did change the setting of the .bat file which I
use to launch "fp.exe" (the IDE) to be comptible with Win95. But then I
changed it back to not be compatible, and it still works ???

Olle Raab

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