[fpc-pascal]Can't make Win32 zip install

Michael A. Hess mhess at miraclec.com
Fri Nov 22 17:29:17 CET 2002


OK. I'm about stumped. I want to make a current Win32 install of the 
compiler to have available for download from the Lazarus site. I have a 
1.0.6 release version of the compiler installed. I also have a complete 
checkout of the 1.0.x branch from CVS. The 1.0.6 version is located in 
the default c:\pp directory. The CVS checked out source is located in a 
c:\fpc tree.

I can do a make clean and make all and it builds a new ppc386.exe just 
fine. No problems. However, if I try to do make install or make win32zip 
or make zipinstall it always fails. Even if I have done a make all the 
above make calls always try to rebuild the ppc386.exe file. However, at 
some point in the make process it throws away the new ppc386.exe and 
then at another point when it tries to use the new .exe, the make fails 
with a file not found.

I have tried all sorts of relocating of files and directories to see if 
I have something setup stupid but I am stumped. What am I doing wrong? 
This all use to work fine when I use to do it.

Can someone help me out here? Again I want to be able to make a complete 
  package of fpc 1.0.7 for download from the Lazarus site.
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