[fpc-pascal]Examples of SDL code

Joseph Hewitt pyrrho12 at hotmail.com
Fri Nov 22 03:40:29 CET 2002

>Someone said in a thread before that there are many examples of SDL
>stuff. I have the SDL4FreePascal file, but not sure how to install it
>though. And where might I find some of these examples?

Unpack the SDL4FreePascal archive to your units directory, then place the 
binary file (SDL.dll on Windows, I don't know what the Linux version is 
called) somewhere that your program will be able to find it, and that should 
be it.

You might also want to consider the JediSDL units, avaliable from 
sourceforge.net. The one advantage they have over the SDL4FreePascal package 
is that they also include a number of support libraries like SDL_ttf, 
SDL_Image, and so on. The one disadvantage is that the Jedi package is 
slightly harder to install. You'll need to add the directory paths to your 
configuration file, and since the units were originally written for Delphi 
you'll need to insert a {$MODE Delphi} at the start of every SDL unit you 
want to include.

See www.libsdl.org for examples and documentation in C, or the Jedi SDL 
package for the exact same examples and documentation using Pascal.

                                                                - JH.

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