[fpc-pascal]Mapping Object Pascal Classes to C++ Classes

Ramon Bosque ramon.bosque at qi.ub.es
Thu Nov 14 17:49:40 CET 2002

Mensaje citado por: memsom at interalpha.co.uk:

> One day, when I get 5 minutes to let the dust settle, I am goint to
> write a 
> class flattener in C/C++. It will supply flattened API, just as Florian 
> suggested.
> However, I think for BeOS I have another solution. I'm not saying too
> much, but 
> I think I can hack out a generic wrapping method. Watch this space :-)
> (hint: 
> BeOS, on all platforms, mangles the method names in a completely regular
> way. 
> The ABI is never going to change as BeOS is effectively a closed 
> source, 'final' platform.) 
> Matt

And what will it happen with the open source substitutes for BeOS (in 
particular OpenBeos, which is not based on Linux)?

Best regards

Ramon Bosque

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