[fpc-pascal]newbie : need info about opengl unit

Holger Peters thesilverwinged at lycos.de
Mon Nov 11 20:26:04 CET 2002

At 13:18 11.11.2002 +0100, you wrote:
>suwandy schrieb:
>>recently, i've just download fpc and interested with opengl unit i'm 
>>planing to make a simple game for my school project but from the doc, i 
>>can't find any info about gl unit tutorial nor it's how to nor it's 
>>could anyone tell me how to make some animation using
>>fpc's opengl unit please ? any information would be appreciated
>For some weeks now, FPC uses an adapted version of the OpenGL package from 
>www.delphi3d.net. Some examples are included with the FPC OpenGL package; 
>furthermore, you can find many tutorials on the Delphi3D website. 
>(although they won't work with FPC without modifications, because they use 
>Delphi's VCL.)

Where is this adaption available? On freepascal.org ?


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