Brad Campbell brad at seme.com.au
Mon Nov 11 10:13:11 CET 2002

G'day all,

I'm using the latest CVS compiler and RTL.
In rtl/unix/timezone.inc we are only parsing a timezone file, and
not looking at the TZ environment variable if it exists.

I'm using some pascal programs in an embeded system with busybox
and uClibc, neither of which understand timezone files and can
only cope with the TZ variable.

If there is no other way, I will add TZ handling to the RTL.
Do we have a way of parsing the TZ variable?

PS. I worked around my make cycle problem by doing
cd compiler && make cycle && cd ../rtl && make clean && make OPT=-CX

Which allows the compiler to cycle and then builds me a smart-linkable

Should I need to do this?
I used to just have -CX in my fpc.cfg file and it would build fine.

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