[fpc-pascal]Problems with FileIO

Eduardo Morras nec556 at ave128.retena.es
Wed Nov 6 00:46:11 CET 2002

Hello everyone:

         I'm new to fpc and i'm trying to port some mac pascal code to 
win32 console. I have this code to read 64 bytes of data from a file, work 
with them and save a double and 64 bytes of data. Of course if blockread 
reads f.e. 32 bytes it saves the double and 32 bytes. But when i want to 
check the output file size is different from the expected. So i have an 
input file of 4369 bytes, with 68 blocks of 64 bytes plus a block of 17 
bytes (4369-64*68), the output file size must be 68 * 8 + 68 * 64 + 1 * 8 + 
1 * 17 = 4921 bytes. But i get 4896, which are 25 bytes less (25 bytes = 
8(from double)+17(the last block size)). So, the program don't treat the 
last data block. The debugger says error 100 (FileIO problem), but what can 
i do make it work for?

     cuant : Pointer to array[0..63] of byte;

           BytesLeidos := 64;
           if BytesLeidos>0 then begin
              AjustarBloque(BytesLeidos-1);                     //Substrac 
1 for 0-based array bounds
              CuantificarBloque(BytesLeidos-1);                //Substrac 1 
for 0-based array bounds
     Until (EOF(FileIn)) OR (BytesLeidos=0);


La diferencia entre la teoria y la practica es que en teoria no hay, pero 
en la practica si

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