[fpc-pascal]Graph for Windows

Andreas K. Foerster Andreas at AKFoerster.de
Thu May 30 08:30:40 CEST 2002

On Wed, May 29, 2002 at 07:35:51PM -0700, Rich Pasco wrote:

> Well, it's not quite as simple as substituting WinCRT for CRT,
> because WinCRT is missing a number of the functions available in
> the CRT unit.  The missing functions include, to name a few:
>   ClrEOL, CursorBig, CursorOn, GoToXY, WhereX, WhereY, WindMax,
>   WindMin, Window ...

These functions make only sense in a console application.

WinCRT is not meant as a full replacement of the Crt unit, but as a
workaround for gui applications.

> I suppose that I can "mix and match" by using both CRT and WinCRT,

You have to choose, wheather you want to write a console application or
a gui application.

> but I feel like I'm in uncharted territory here.  Are there any
> documents that would help?

Do you really need both in the same program?


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