[fpc-pascal]Graph for Windows

Milos Pejovic pejovic at drenik.net
Wed May 29 22:19:39 CEST 2002


> What does the fpctris demo do on your system ? Does that one hide the dos

It does hide it, but that is what the {$APPTYPE GUI} does :-)

On closing of the main window fpctris doesn't quit also. It needs to be
killed manually. There should really be some code to handle this. I
suggest to put the handler to wm_close in the graph unit, that would do
'CloseGraph; Halt;' by default, and to make it possible somehow to
override this, if we do not want the app to quit without performing some

Is it possible that the window doesn't change the icon, the way Andreas
told me, because I have put {$MODE TP} to overcome some errors?


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