[fpc-pascal][ANN] Sablopas 0.6 available

Christophe cespern at free.fr
Tue May 28 13:02:46 CEST 2002


Sablopas 0.6 is now available. Sablopas is an Object Pascal Wrapper for
Sablotron and can be compiled by Borland compilers and Free Pascal under
Windows and Linux.

This is a major release with a lot of new features. I now provides extension
for SAX (written by Jeff Rafter), for XPath and my wrapper for Curl,
Op-Curl.  By using OP-Curl, the user is able to use several protocols and to
perform XSLT process on network documents. Op-Curl is simpler and has less
functions than CurlPas. Op-Curl was designed to work with Sablopas.

I wrote two how-to to explain how to use Sablopas with Op-Curl and how-to
trigger queries on dom trees built with Open XML. Read me and generic how-to
are also available.

I have a problem with my Linux station and some changes have not been tested
under Kylix or Free Pascal. If someone can quickly test Sablopas under Linux
and report results it would be nice. Contributors, translators and doc
writers are welcome.

Links available at  http://www.tekool.com

Enjoy Open Source software :-)


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