[fpc-pascal]Graph for Windows

Milos Pejovic pejovic at drenik.net
Tue May 28 10:29:21 CEST 2002

Hi everybody,

I have couple of questions and suggestions, concerning the Win32 'Graph'

Is there a way to change the 'mainwindow' properties after the 'InitGraph'

I would like to change the icon and to make the window non resizable. I
couple of things, but nothing seems to work. In my opinion it would be
better if
the window was not resizable by default, since most of the old 'Graph'
do not expect the screen to change its size. And if someone wants to write
an app,
that uses resizable window, it could be easily done through the

Also there should be a way to change the default icon to, for instance, some
icon in
the resource file, before the 'InitGraph'.

I want to point out, that the closing of the main window does not quit the
application, and I think that there should be a mechanism that would halt
the app
on 'wm_destroy' message. There should also be a handler for the 'wm_close'
message, that could prevent unexpected closing of the program.

And finally, 'wincrt' does not recognize the Alt+SomeKey combinations.

Hope I don't nag too much :-)


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