[fpc-pascal]Virtual File system

ron wilson ron.wilson at coastgames.com
Thu May 23 20:53:16 CEST 2002

thanks for that link.  i was referring to the link in contributed units:


that link has been dead for a long time.  the webpage link
(http://webs.demasiado.com/freakpascal/) is still good, where he declares
zfs obsolete and hes working on pfs (pack file system) - but his page has
been stagnant since march 2000.

i have zfs210.zip on my hd at work if anybody wants it.  i haven't tried it
yet, so i cant say whether its good or not.

kind regards,
ron wilson.

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> the link for zfs (zip file system) has been dead for some time now.  i
> i have a copy in my archive - email me personally if you want it.

That is probably because the main FTP site is swamped?

Afaik there is at least a version on the FTP server

(mirror, because main server is quite busy:
Mirror site is on same network as main mirror)


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