[fpc-pascal]Porting a TP DOS application with ASM module

Thierry Cabuzel thierry.cabuzel at skynet.be
Sat May 4 12:04:34 CEST 2002

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> Objet : [fpc-pascal]Porting a TP DOS application with ASM module
> I have inherited an old MS-DOS application written in Turbo Pascal and
> Assembler. Clearly the TP code could be processed by FPC but how do I deal
> with the assembler module? This is a separate file and I presume was
> written with TASM. Defines lots of external functions/procedures.

To here, there is no big problem. You need to just rewrite the ASM Code to
be 32 bit ASM Code, and not 16 bit ASM Code.

> However, as part of my inheritance I want now to move this application to
> Linux so I will probably have to hack the assembler about. Much of the
> assembler code messes with hardware issues such as keybopard interupts and
> accessing video memory; neither of which Linux will like me doing. A
> similar brief exists to get this code working with Microsoft Windows
> NT4/2000 so the rewritten assembler module needs to be re-usable.

Forget it NOW !!! Direct access to Interrupt, video memory, etc... is good
for DOS where your program is the only one to run. But under Windows and
Linux, let the OS do it and use the OS I/O funtions for that. Try to change
this ASM mess to something more portable like SDL. But I see a lot of hard
work to do it.

> The original application was written by someone else and much as I would
> not have done it that way it is essential that, at least for a while, I
> use as much of the same (TP) code as possible.
> Regards, Trevor

Regards, Thierry

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