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BigMatt19 at aol.com BigMatt19 at aol.com
Thu Mar 28 14:10:50 CET 2002

If you're using RedHat all you need to do is install the development libs for postgres (an RPM on the distro disks) or if you don't have the disks you can simply go to http://www.redhat.com and download the needed RPMS.  I needed no additional setup when using the postgres libs.  Other distros might be different though.  (I am assuming you're using Linux from the DB and the error message you got)

 - Matt

In a message dated Thu, 28 Mar 2002  7:52:49 AM Eastern Standard Time, Szymon Dowkontt <szdowk at vsa.com.pl> writes:

> Hello
> How to link programs with postgres unit? In README is written, that 
> path to postgress libraries shud be placed in Makefile. But I completly 
> don't know where place it in this file... :-(
> Currently postgres unit will compile, but while compiling test 
> programs, there will not link with error "/usr/bin/ld: cannot find 
> -lpq".
> Szymon
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