[fpc-pascal]Two Questions

freepascal at netscape.net freepascal at netscape.net
Thu Mar 28 03:13:30 CET 2002

>Ever heard of an 'Index' or a 'Search' function? eh?

Wow, you're a bright one...You were probably the brightest one on that "little bus" in your school days, weren't you? "Eh?"

>No, were too busy laughing at your childish attitude and unhelpful comments.

And the pot calls the kettle black...

Define "We"...Oh yeah, that would be "we're" not "were". I guess you really weren't the brightest one on that little bus, "were" you? See how much more sense things make when you use correct spelling and grammar?

>Maybe you should follow your own advice ??

I wasn't offering any advice, you're obviously delusional and hallucinating, or you have a reading impairment that goes along with your spelling impairment.

So, little boy...How about you quit offering your childish remarks and quit trying to start another flame war in this mailing list? It's clear that you sure as hell wasn't trying to offer anything helpful with your verbal masturbation.

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