[fpc-pascal]Two Questions

freepascal at netscape.net freepascal at netscape.net
Mon Mar 25 21:57:36 CET 2002

My first question is, why are FPC Win32 executables so large, even after running stripw.exe on them? A simple program that has nothing but the CRT unit declared and does nothing more than clear the screen and write "Hello" is a 400K executable. Smart linking doesn't seem to do much to cure it, and stripw.exe only trims it down to about 150K. That seems a bit outrageous to me, but that's just my opinion, I guess.

My second question is, why doesn't the IDE run the program when CTRL-F9 is pressed? It just immediately returns without running the program and gives me a message about the program exiting with some bogus error level value that I certainly haven't defined in my simple clrscr;writeln('Hello'); test program.

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