[fpc-pascal]Special characters II

Bernhard Steffen bernhard.steffen at gmx.net
Wed Mar 20 22:36:12 CET 2002

> Codepages 437 and 850 are the DOS characters used in a command-shell
> window.  Codepage ISO-8859-1 is the Windows character set used in
> Windows GUI applications.  You can get into trouble if you use a
> Windows GUI editor for source code for applications that will run
> in a command-shell window, or vice versa.

I have a problem which seems to be related to this:

- I'm listing the directory (FindFirst/FindNext), doing something
  to the files and displaying the filename

- certain file names (those with special characters in it, like umlauts
  etc.) get displayed wrong (scrambled characters) - I guess this is
  due to codepage differences between GUI & console mode

- sometimes, I can't even access those files (assign/reset), using the
  filenames I got from FindFirst/FindNext
  (no network / no files locked)

Although this is mostly a cosmetic bug, is there a way to fix it, like
changing the codepage from within the program (no user interaction /
configuration required)?


bernhard.steffen at gmx.net

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