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> Codepages 437 and 850 are the DOS characters used in a command-shell
> window.  Codepage ISO-8859-1 is the Windows character set used in
> Windows GUI applications.  You can get into trouble if you use a

 Just a little correction - Windows doesn't really use ISO codepages 
(like ISO 8859-1 for the so-called Latin-1 set), as opposed to *nix. 
Microsoft uses a different set of codepages, which were derived from 
the ISO ones originally, but still differ quite a lot (why should 
they use some existing standard instead of creating their own, right? 
:-( ). So the Windows equivalent for ISO 8859-1 (and CP 850 known 
from e.g. DOS) is codepage 1252 (called windows-1252 as well because 
of the IANA registered name of that character set).


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