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adeli@adeli.fr Ldrevon at adeli.fr
Sun Mar 17 23:46:54 CET 2002

I would like to use a library written in C

but it use classes like this : 

class DECLSPEC PG_Button : public PG_Widget  {
	Constructor for the PG_Button class
	@param parent	pointer to the parent widget or NULL
	@param id id of the button (can be used in callbacks)
	@param r screen position of the button
	@param text button label
	@param style themestyle of the button
	PG_Button(PG_Widget* parent, int id, const PG_Rect& r, const char* 
text = NULL, const char* style="Button");
	virtual ~PG_Button();
	void LoadThemeStyle(const char* widgettype);

is it possible to use it?
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