[fpc-pascal]Calling intr from Windows

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Sat Mar 16 10:38:51 CET 2002

Subject:        	Re: [fpc-pascal]Calling intr from Windows
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From:           	marcov at stack.nl (Marco van de Voort)
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> > Striving to a common interface for all platforms is a nice goal, but
> > if it can't be done, you should not silently fail imho, since that
> > kind of bugs are the hardest to track. The same can be said for
> > mark/release, which also do nothing currently.

 I agree with this as well. BTW, there's some directive in Kylix for 
this kind of stuff (unportable things bound to one platform only), 
IIRC. Do we support this directive currently? It would be a good 
place to use it, so users can already see possible problems during 


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