[fpc-pascal]Calling intr from Windows

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Fri Mar 15 11:05:32 CET 2002

From:     "Fernando Lozano" <fsl at centroin.com.br>
To:       fpc-pascal at deadlock.et.tudelft.nl
Subject:  Re: [fpc-pascal]Calling intr from Windows
Date:     Fri, 15 Mar 2002 02:49:12 +0100

> >  Is there really something like "Win32 API" (I mean a
> consistent set > of interface functions working
> everywhere, where that API is > supposedly supported)?
> ;-)))
> There's something that is published as "Win32 API". You
> can download the docs from microsoft.com. :)
> > I'm no Win32 kean myself, but I'm almost
> > sure there's no function to use DOS and BIOS
> interrupts under > WinNT/2000/XP.
> Of course this does not exists on NT (2000 and XP being
> just NT 5.x). But this exists for Windows 95/98/ME.

 This is exactly the point. There is a published (but all the time
changing) document "Win32 API". But there's (ever was / ever will be)
not a single machine supporting all of the published functions. How
can anybody talk about an API here?  Anyway, I don't think we should
use any "Win32 API" function, that isn't available on some of current
target platforms and won't be supported on future ones either, in our


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