[fpc-pascal]Calling intr from Windows

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> >  Maybe (depending on support of the particular DOS function in your
> > environment, i.e. W95 here) if compiling for GO32v2 target.
> > Absolutely not if compiling for Win32 target.
> The Win32 API has a call to use DOS and BIOS interrupts. I Thought the
> DOS unit on these systems should have used this call. So there are two
> functions (intr and msdos) on the DOS unit for Win32 that do not work
> at all?

 Is there really something like "Win32 API" (I mean a consistent set 
of interface functions working everywhere, where that API is 
supposedly supported)? ;-))) I'm no Win32 kean myself, but I'm almost 
sure there's no function to use DOS and BIOS interrupts under 
 Anyway - Intr and MsDos functions are only present in the Dos unit 
for Win32 to keep interface parts of the Dos unit identical across 
supported platforms. They do absolutely nothing, as you can see from 
that unit's sources. DOS and BIOS calls aren't supported under Win32 
(in fact, there's nothing to call on WinNT, since direct access to 
hardware is forbidden there, and there's no DOS underneath - as 
opposed to Win9x/ME).


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