[fpc-pascal]Calling intr from Windows

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A lot of DOS interrupt function have a Win32 API equivalent, If you are
compiling for Win32 you should use the win32 api to request that kind of
information, otherways you cannot be sure that your program will run in all
the flavours of Win32 (win9x, WinNT/2k).
The Win32 API reference can be found somewhere in the microsoft site, it's a
quit big download but it will be a must if you plan to develop win32

> Hi there,
> Running a simple program created for Turbo Pascal which uses some DOS
> system calls (int 21h) I get from wrong results (invalid system date) to
> a complete system crash. I am not calling functions that need a memmory
> buffer, just functions where all arguments and return values come from
> 8086 registers. Is this suposed to work?
> I am using an old snapshot (about august 2001) of 1.0.5 under Windows
> 95.
> []s, Fernando Lozano
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