[fpc-pascal]Yet another bug in Win32 CRT unit

Rich Pasco pasco at acm.org
Tue Mar 5 06:21:53 CET 2002

Pierre Muller wrote:

> At 15:58 04/03/2002 , vous avez écrit:
> >The "sound" procedure does not produce a sound of the required Hertz,
> >instead is imply "dings the bell."
> ...
> This is a known missing feature.
> (The RTL source only uses MessageBeep(0) call)

Well, that would explain why it doesn't work!

>    You are very welcome to propose a
> patch for adding support for this feautre, but
> don't forget tat there are still
> (even if it becomes very rare)
> win32 systems that don't have any sound systems

I would prefer that it would just use the PC speaker,
just like the 16-bit Borland Pascal does.

> Moreover, I suspect that
> that code will need to be different for win9X/Me
> and for winNT/2000/XP....

The binary output of Borland Pascal works on all these OS's
without modification--through the PC speaker.

     - Rich

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