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Peter Beisel beisel at kbprueftechnik.frm.de
Mon Mar 4 10:13:47 CET 2002

thank you,

but I couldn't find PMODE/W or PMWBIND anywhere.

1. DOS4GW & EXE (by WatCom)  <----> CWSDPMI & EXE (by FPC)

Without such a tool it seems impossible to run a DOS4GW executable
generated by a WatCom Compiler under CWSDPMI.

On the other hand an EXE-file generated by FPC can't be executed under
DOS4GW. DOS4GW doesn't recognise the EXE, because of the CWSDPMI-Header
added by the stub under FPC. Now I tried to remove this header. The
FPC docs explain the usage of the tool EXE2COFF. But this tool is nowhere.
I found EXE2COFF in the DJGPP tools and I tried this:
   EXE2COFF myFPprog.EXE    (myFPProg.EXE = generated by FPC)
   myFPprog; Permission denied (EACCES)

Are there different EXE2COFFs?

I found no way to link a WatCom generated *.LIB or *.OBJ to a FPC
programm. The FP linker doesn't accept them.

Regards, Peter

Alan Grimes schrieb:

> > FP compiler: ver.1.0.4; target system: DOS (cwsDpmi)
> > The compiler runs well, but the linker generates no EXE-file !
> > What could be wrong?
> > 1. Is it possible to link to 32bit librarys generated by Watcom?
> > 2. Which file do I have to link to: *.lib or *.obj?
> > 3. Any recomended switches for FPC?
> > 4. Are Dos4GW and CwsDpmi compatible?
> Linkers are evil.
> There is a utility called "PMODE/W" a DOS4GW replacement...
> Its utility, PMWBIND, can strip the 180k DOS4GW header off of any file.
> I use it to reduce the redundant information on my drive... What is left
> is a .LE file, or Linear Executable. These LE files require a DOS
> extender that provides some other services too...
> The basic function of a DOS extender such as DOS4GW is to create a
> virtual 32bit OS for DOS programs. AS there are no rules about DOS
> extenders, DOS can support any type of 32-bit environment immaginable.
> =)
> Go look at the output of your linking process, if there is a .LE file
> there, attempt to run it with dos4gw...
> Example:
> ---------------
> ---------------
> There is probably a linker command or something similar to add the
> stub...
> OTOH, if the Pascal object is not fully recognised by the linker, it
> might assume that you are creating a DLL or something...
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