[fpc-pascal]Longer than longint?

Florian Klaempfl Florian.Klaempfl at gmx.de
Sat Mar 2 23:15:47 CET 2002

At 14:55 02.03.02 -0600, you wrote:
> > This copies the behavior of Delphi.  Nevertheless, I consider it a
> > bug in Delphi and FPC that for loops over Int64 are rejected.  The
> > documentation states that Int64 is an ordinal (integer) type.  It
> > is quite natural to have for loops over this type.
> >
> >       Tom
> >
>      Yes, I'm getting an "ordinal expression expected" error (using
>freepascal under dev-pas, I'm told) for an inc(variable) expression using
>the comp type.  so it looks as if the compiler actually regards these as

Then the docs are wrong :( Internally, int64/qword aren't handled as
ordinal types. You can't declare sub types etc.

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