Fernando Lozano fsl at centroin.com.br
Thu Jun 13 02:58:38 CEST 2002

Hi there,

>> Is anybody already working on gtk+-2.0 units for freepascal?
> Not as far as we know. But every volounteer is welcome :).
> Most work can be done probably using h2pas, so this job isn't that hard.

Please correct me if I am wrong: the current GTK+ unit is simply a 
Pascal wrapper around the C API for GTK+. Not very easy to use, although 
the Pascal bindings are easier to program for than the C original API. 
The Lazarus Project is building an OO wrapper for GTK+ based on Borland 
VCL and I guess close to the current Delphi/Kylix CLX.

But there are OO bindins for GTK+ for Java and C++, and there's a 
contributed Object Pascal wrapper. The Java binding is *much* easier, 
and I think as there are other OO bindings (for Phyton, PHP, ...) these 
bindings should be as close as it's possible given each language structure.

Are there someone working on this, or some kind of collaboration between 
the different GTK OO wrappers?

[]s, Fernando Lozano

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