[fpc-pascal]ODBC support for FPC.

michael at freepascal.org michael at freepascal.org
Tue Jun 11 22:45:47 CEST 2002


There is now ODBC support in FPC. It comes in 2 flavours:

1. A plain ODBC interface unit. (ported from the modbc package for Delphi)

2. I've added a fpodbc unit to the FCL: a thin OOP wrapper around the ODBC
   API. It makes running queries and retrieving data from a ODBC datasource
   very easy;

I successfully retrieved data from MySQL, MS-Access and Interbase with this.

Inserting/deleting/updating is also possible, but I haven't implemented
support for parametrized queries, which means each query must be constructed
from scratch. Nevertheless, it works MUCH easier than the plain ODBC calls.
(just check the examples, there are 11 of them)

All this should work on Windows and Linux. The plain odbc testprogram worked
on both, with the only change required 2 constants denoting the username and
password for the database.

Enjoy it.


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