[fpc-pascal]Pascal Tutorial

Marco van de Voort marcov at stack.nl
Mon Jun 10 15:53:18 CEST 2002

> For those of us that haven't read the ISO spec of Pascal, what feature 
> of  Pascal from there currently unsupported would be nice to have?
> There's nothing that I myself miss on it, except for the ability to 
> create 16-bit realmode DOS code, which seems to be considered beyond any 
> possibility, because of the way pointers are handled (4 bits, always 
> 32-bit offset).

There is nothing that justifies the work, except the bitpacking one (and IIRC
that is also facultary in the standard). 
BUT: This might better be implemented for FPC itself using directives or
extensions that allow more control over packing, better than the ISO way.

The new() feature is not very intrusive I think, but applies to a case that
is only theoretical. If somebody implemented it for ISO pascal, maybe I'd
have it enable outside a possible ISO mode too, but I wouldn't waste a split
second time on it myself.

The others don't even have any merit, except the possibility to run some
Standard Pascal code, which IMHO is without much merit either, since 90%
of the non-Borland'ish code uses some kind of extension, including Extended

I ran into that myself when trying to get Chipmunk basic running. (which uses
HP Pascal extensions)

IMHO really useful features:
- internal linker   		*
- threadsafety           	*
- Free Vision copyright free    *
- PIC for Unix.
- more flexible settype and/or bitpacking/fields.
- C++ classes compability

* currently worked on already, in various states of progress.

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