[fpc-pascal]Pascal Tutorial

Aitor SantamarĂ­a aitor.sm at wanadoo.es
Mon Jun 10 15:37:19 CEST 2002

>> There's nothing that I myself miss on it, except for the ability to 
>> create 16-bit realmode DOS code, which seems to be considered beyond 
>> any possibility, because of the way pointers are handled (4 bits, 
>> always 32-bit offset).
> The main problem is that in 16bit mode, only certain registers can be 
> used to address memory (bx, si, di, bp, maybe sp too?). Because the 
> code generator assumes all registers can be used to access memory, 
> this would require a complete rewrite. 

Does this mean that in 32bit ALL registers can be used to address 
memory? (just making sure, this is an unkown to me feature of 32-bit 


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