[fpc-pascal]shared libraries interface

Nikolai Zhubr s001 at hotbox.ru
Wed Jul 31 17:59:00 CEST 2002

Wednesday, 31 July, 2002, 16:38:48, Jonas Maebe wrote:
>> A related question: wouldn't it make sense to have an option to
>> make interface and implementation sections separate (kind of modula-2
>> or something)? I guess this works like that internally in fpc, since
>> resulting .ppu and .o are separate files.

> This was discussed recently (not on a public list though) and we decided 
> we'd probably implement this the way Virtual Pascal already supports it 
> (so that not yet another syntax has to be invented). No-one started 
> working on this yet though.

Could you give some refs so that I could find out how this will
probably look like?
Best regards,
 Nikolai Zhubr

> Jonas

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