[fpc-pascal]Integer type?

James_Wilson at i2.com James_Wilson at i2.com
Wed Jul 31 14:27:20 CEST 2002

This worked great. Thanks for the help...

Rich Pasco <pasco at acm.org>
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P.S.  Here is a complete, working program, based on the information
in my previous post:

uses Windows;

  BytesAvail : TLargeInteger;
  BytesTotal : TLargeInteger;
  BytesFree : TLargeInteger;
  RootDir : array [1..4] of char;

  RootDir := 'C:\' + #$0;
  GetDiskFreeSpaceEx (@RootDir,BytesAvail,BytesTotal, at BytesFree);
  WriteLn(BytesAvail.quadpart, ' bytes avail');
  WriteLn(BytesTotal.quadpart, ' bytes total');
  WriteLn(BytesFree.quadpart,  ' bytes free');

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