[fpc-pascal]Cross compiling Linux -> Windows - how?

Rainer Hantsch rainer at hantsch.co.at
Thu Jul 25 09:29:25 CEST 2002


I will possibly get an order to write a small program which does nothing else
than printing exported block data from AutoCAD in a nice form. (Data are
exported into a text file which is parsed and printed by my program.) Because
this can be done without any user interface, it should be enough to use a
simple windoze-console, where I print some status infos, nothing else...

Because I use 100% Linux, I would either have to install windoze somewhere,
or, if possible, do the whole thing on FPC for Linux and do a compilation for
a windoze-exe.

- Is this possible at all? 
- What must I install in addition to my FPC 1.0.4 for Linux on my Linux
  machine to have the possibility for cross-compilation?

Another problem will be printing. Under Linux, this is trivial: Open a pipe
to lpr and write out everything as PostScript. The rest is done by GhostScript
and Linux....
How is this in Windows? I never wrote a windows application before! I heared
from a friend that it is much more complicated! 

- can somebody, please, send me simple program for seeing how this has to 
  be done? (Open the windoze standard printer, choose a font, scale it, and
  simply write something onto the paper, maybe with 1-2 graphical elements 
  (lines and/or gray shaded boxes, and/or print i.e. a blue box with a 
  yellow text inside.)

  That is plenty enough for what I need.


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