[fpc-pascal].so import/export

Nikolai Zhubr s001 at hotbox.ru
Thu Jul 25 03:06:38 CEST 2002

Hi again,
Sorry, I should have read the manual before asking: linking
to .so's apparently works exactly as I wanted it to :)) Great!
But, the 2nd question is still not clear to me yet.
Best regards,
 Nikolai Zhubr

Thursday, 25 July, 2002, 3:55:51, I wrote:

> Hi,
> As far as I understood, the only way to link to .so's now is by
> manually calling dlopen/dlsym.
> Are there any plans for some more nice-looking way (like borland's
> external 'tratata.so' name 'tralala' or kind of)?
> Also, are there any plans to implement pic? (If I've understood right,
> it is not currently implemented?)

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