[fpc-pascal]MySQL under Windows

Florian Klaempfl Florian.Klaempfl at gmx.de
Wed Jul 24 18:09:46 CEST 2002

At 11:31 24.07.2002 -0300, you wrote:
>Hi there,
>I am using FPC 1.0.6 under Windows 98 and MySQL 3.23.49.
>The simple test program bellow generates a run-time error 103 on the first 
>write/writeln call unless I define the variable filler. Looks like binary 
>incompatibilities between the pre-compiled Units and the MySQL DLL.

I just checked with 3.23.51 and the TMySQL record has indeed new fields. 
Any opionions about updating
the mysql import unit to match the 3.23.51 C headers?

>Maybe you should distribute the libmysql.dll used when compiling FPC 
>alongside the binaries. :-)

Hmmm, doesn't the libmysql.dll have to match the server?

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