[fpc-pascal]Plugins and stuff.

Alan Grimes alangrimes at starpower.net
Sat Jul 20 04:07:36 CEST 2002


I thank those who have responded to my inquiries about plugin
architectures. I will certainly look into the things that have been

As to the question of wheather this will be a DOS only project, my
answer is a resounding YES. 

I don't think I am capable of designing software for any other system. 

For this problem and given my personality, I require a minimum of
distractions. I need an OS that I can slide into A: and have absolute
confidence that it will boot to a useful state when I turn on the

The nearest thing I have found to date is BeOS.

As some of the responses pointed out, you are not constrained by a fixed
protection policy. You are free to select the extender that is not just
right but _PERFECT_ for your application. 

I expect my AI testbench software to compile to be no more than 300k in
size. With DOS it becomes possible to put DOS, the memory managers, the
testbench application and the AI engine all on a single floppy and make
it all so easy to use that any ten year old could use it. 

My current aim is to be an AI expert/cyberneticist. I have absolutly no
interest in, or time to worry about, what the hell goes on in /etc. 

I won't touch windows for reasons that don't need to be re-hashed. 

So, it comes down to wheather the compiler experts can deliver something
that meets the AI expert's needs... This type of plugin architecture is
definitely a language/compiler issue. -- Otherwise the overlay unit
would never have been invented.. If I can't get the tools I need I think
I will continue reading _Principals of Neuroscience_ and go on to become
a brain surgeon. =\ Computers are too hard! 

Linux has more source code than my brain.

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